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The Bano Bathroom Concept is tailored for use in healthcare institutions, with the primary aim of improving comfort and quality of life for both users and caregivers. The innovative design enhances user independence and dignity, while minimizing fall injuries. Caregivers experience an improved work environment and reduced strain injuries. The Bano Concept is a game-changer for healthcare facilities seeking to prioritize patient well-being and the health and efficiency of caregivers. 

Shower head
Shower seat
Turnable Toilet

Experience increased independence and dignity from easier and safer transfers, reducing reliance on assistance.

Enjoy an enhanced work environment and increased user collaboration, with fewer and less strenuous transfers.

Save space and costs with smaller yet highly functioning bathrooms, increased patient well-being and caregiver efficiency.

When renovating small bathrooms in a nursing home, seeking innovative and future-proof solutions is key. That’s how we discovered Bano, and we were immediately enthusiastic – Marianne De Paauw, Location Manager Atrium Nursing Home
Woman pulling herself up from Bano Turnable Toilet with collator

Reduced transfers, injuries and need for assistance

Most bathroom injuries occur during transfers, often due to insufficient consideration of product placement and inadequate support structures. The Bano Concept reduces transfers by 50% and provides solid grip points throughout the bathroom. With Bano Turnable Toilet space is reduced and optimized, making transfers safer. Especially for users with mobility aids, the Bano Concept offers a bathroom that adapts to their needs, rather than requiring them to adjust to the space.

Better collaboration between users and caregivers

Bathrooms often force caregivers into heavy lifting, working in awkward positions and strain injuries. The intelligent design of the Bano Concept significantly reduces these challenges with its well placed and purpose built bathroom components. This leads to better collaboration between users and caregivers, and often even eliminates the need for assistance completely.

Woman being showered by nurse while sitting on Bano Turnable Toilet
Woman on Bano Turnable Toilet gripping sink

Cost-savings with smaller yet highly functioning bathrooms

Bano is tailored for use in healthcare institutions and enables smaller yet highly functioning bathrooms. The space optimized design is cost-saving, but also improves the health and safety of both users and caregivers. The Bano Concept allows healthcare facilities to simultaneously prioritize patient well-being and the health and efficiency of caregivers. It is truly “Designed for care”.

Bano Turnable Toilet

The Bano Turnable Toilet is an innovation revolutionizing care toilets. With its unique design, the toilet can be turned to both sides, ensuring access for wheelchair rotations and caregivers, even in small bathrooms. It reduces transfers by 50%, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for users and caregivers alike.

Equipped with the option of electrical height adjustment as well as a wash & dry function, the Bano Turnable Toilet is a complete solution, eliminating the need for additional aids such as toilets risers, WC levers, etc.  

With Bano Turnable Toilet, I can manage everything by myself now – Natasja, wheelchair user