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Per Halvor Lunde – Transfer Specialist, Norway

We have spoken with transfer specialist Per Halvor Lunde about the Bano Turnable Toilet and how it contributes to reducing the number of injuries for both patients and healthcare personnel. Per Halvor is one of the experts involved in developing the Bano concept.

Per Halvor Lunde has a background as care personnel, has a master in physiotherapy, he’s a specialist in preventive work and ergonomics, and he is also the author of the book “Transfer Knowledge – Activation, assistance, and training in transfers” – among other things. He has been known as an entrepreneur and inventor within the development of assistive devices for the healthcare sector for the past 20 years. Needless to say, Per Halvor has acquired a broad knowledge and experience with toilet visits for patients of all categories, as well as the risks involved.

A revolution in healthcare

When Per Halvor first heard about the idea and saw the turnable toilet seat, his first reaction was – “Incredible!”. He explains that there is a considerable risk associated with bathroom visits for those who are physically challenged. Whether it is individuals affected by stroke, dementia, visual impairment, or other physical handicaps.

The specialist says: “Bathrooms often have a lack of grip opportunities. Unsafe fixtures such as sinks with nowhere to grip, weak shower bars, and slippery floors, all contribute to make a bathroom visit risky. Many accidents happen in the bathroom. That is the exact issue Bano aimed to address and the result of that is the Bano Turnable Toilet.”

Bano Turnable Toilet is simply a revolution in healthcare! It should be a requirement in institutions. – Per Halvor, Transfer Specialist

“Bano Turnable Toilet facilitate fewer transfers, thereby reducing the risk of accidents. This is done by turning the seat to where you need it, while also receiving assistance to get up and down on the toilet seat with the electric lift and lower mechanism”, Per Halvor continues.

He explains that the toilet also enables patients to manage without healthcare personnel in most cases. “Being able to take care of oneself also restores the joy of life and dignity. Additionally, maintaining privacy in an intimate situation feels good, something we can all easily understand the importance of”.

Sick leave will decrease and job satisfaction will increase

Per Halvor also points out another key point about the Bano Concept. “It saves the health of healthcare personnel, as bathroom visits involve many heavy lifts, work in awkward postures, and challenging tasks with patients in the most intimate situations. With less strain on employees, sick leave will decrease, and job satisfaction will increase.”

“The fact that there is now a solution to these challenges could completely redefine the workloads for staff and the functional abilities for the disabled. A win-win situation for both parties.”, Per Halvor finishes.

Per Halvor argues that adjustable aids, such as the Bano Turnable Toilet, should be a requirement in healthcare institutions. This way, the number of accidents and injuries among patients can be reduced, while also simultaneously safeguarding the health of the staff.