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Metodisthjemmet Nursing Home – Bergen, Norway 

As we age, mobility is often reduced due to illness, creating challenges for both patients and caregivers. At Bano, our goal is to make everyday life as dignified and good as possible for both parties. This way, we can maintain each individual’s independence, freedom, and health, while also preserving the health of the caregiving staff. 

Based on this, we developed the Bano Concept, a bathroom concept that addresses many of the challenges posed by illness and aging. During the construction of Metodisthjemmet in Bergen, they were familiar with the solutions offered by Bano bathrooms through other institutions – and certainly, they wanted the concept installed in their new facility.

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In August 2023, Metodisthjemmet in Bergen was completed. As a high-tech nursing home with market-leading solutions, they installed the Bano Concept. 

Therefore, we spoke with Karianne Fedøy Magnussen, the head of the institution, to hear about their experiences after almost a year of use, and it was great for us to receive such positive feedback. 

About the Metodisthjemmet Foundation Bergen 

The Metodisthjemmet Foundation Bergen is an independent foundation with the purpose of operating nursing homes in accordance with the values of the Methodist Church in Norway and Norwegian legislation.

Here are the Bano products they have installed: 

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Increased independence with the Bano Bathroom Concept 

When the bathrooms were installed, there was some anticipation about whether the solutions would be unfamiliar to the users, but it has gone well. 

“Most of our patients have quickly become accustomed to the new functional solutions. Shorter distances make users more independent, and this has been the biggest advantage. However, they still receive assistance when using the height adjustment,” says Fedøy Magnussen. 

Safety in daily life 

With the Bano Bathroom Concept, patients have a safer daily life. The bathrooms are equipped with support handles throughout, ensuring a good grip and reducing the risk of falls. The turnable toilet makes it easier for people with mobility challenges to use the toilet independently. 

The sink is placed near the toilet. Since the toilet can be turned, they can easily wash their hands while sitting on the toilet before moving back to a wheelchair or walker. This way, hygiene is maintained. 

Additionally, both the toilet and sink can be raised and lowered, allowing the bathroom to be adapted to individual needs. The sink is also equipped with handles for a solid grip, avoiding the need to rely on wet and slippery surfaces like a sink, which involves risk. 

Positive feedback from the staff 

The management at Metodisthjemmet continuously receives positive feedback from the staff. The Turnable Toilet provides better ergonomics and reduces the workload as fewer heavy lifts are necessary. It is also easier to assist the patients, who can now support themselves better. The consistent support handles also ensure easier cooperation between patient and caregiver. 

A workplace with advantages 

"Welfare technology for the employees make us an attractive workplace, and this is a great advantage in the lookout for good employees." – Karianne Fedøy Magnussen, head of the institution.

There is tough competition for employees in the care sector. That welfare technology facilitates fewer heavy lifts, less work in unfavorable positions, and smoother cooperation with patients – as a result of the Bano Bathroom Concept. This is frequently enlightened in job advertisements to attract the best employees. 

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