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Nockebyhöjden Care and Nursing Home – Stockholm, Sweden

When Nockebyhöjden Care and Nursing Home in Stockholm was to undergo renovations, they were looking for new and innovative solutions to improve the daily lives of both patients and caregivers. Before starting the renovation, it was important to them to explore different providers and solutions available on the market – and it was during this process that they found Bano.

Nurse and patient in mirror
Illustration photo by Bano

A demonstration at our showroom

We have spoken with occupational therapist, Maria Aourell Nygren, about the needs they had and how the Bano Concept has changed the daily lives of both patients and caregivers. Through our website, they initially booked a visit to our showroom in Stockholm. They came to have a closer look at the bathroom and all the different solutions that we were able to tailor to address the specific challenges they faced.

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Maria showed up for the demonstration with a strong team of healthcare professionals, a construction manager, as well as the head of the nursing home. We showed them the bathroom and they got well acquainted with all the opportunities it provides. In total, they were in contact with three different providers, but luckily, they chose Bano in the end – something we are naturally very proud about.

Customized for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

In the unit where they have installed the Bano bathrooms, patients have progressive dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This was an important factor for them to consider in the design of the bathrooms.

They chose the following:

  • Bano electrical adjustable toilet, not a turnable one
  • Bano washbasin with electrical height adjustment
  • Bano bathroom cabinet with lock
  • Bano support handles
  • Bano wall hooks

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A smoother everyday life

Patients still require assistance during bathroom visits due to their illness, but the customized Bano bathrooms help patients in collaboration with the staff. The cooperation is now much easier, especially when it comes to getting up and down on the toilet using the raise and lower function, which is used on a daily basis, Maria explains.

They chose a toilet with electrical height adjustment so that the support handles could be adjusted independently. This has worked well for extra support between the sink and the toilet. The sink itself can also be raised and lowered, but this is done using an electrical height adjustment function.

The bathroom is equipped with many support handles, which helps patients hold on and orient themselves in their surroundings. This increases the safety for both patients and caregivers.

The lockable cabinets have also been very good for them. This way, the caregivers can control the bathroom items needed for daily care for each patient. They have also equipped the bathrooms well with wall hooks that are easily accessible for patients. Additionally, it has been convenient to hang towels on the handles integrated into the washbasin.

We have had such a positive experience with the Bano bathroom; it's simply excellent! – Maria Aourell Nygren, occupational therapist

When we asked if they would recommend the Bano Concept to others, we received a clear answer;

“We have had such a positive experience with the Bano bathroom; it’s simply excellent! Other institutions and nursing homes will definitely benefit from this. It has contributed to a much better daily life for the patients, but also for the staff.”

If you want to know more about the solutions we can offer, please feel free to contact us; we are always happy to hear from you!