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Bano Turnable Toilet with Wash & Dry

The Bano Turnable Toilet is an innovation revolutionizing care toilets. With its unique design, the toilet can be turned to both sides, ensuring access for wheelchair rotations and caregivers, even in small bathrooms. It reduces transfers by 50%, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for users and caregivers alike.

Equipped with the option of electrical height adjustment as well as a wash & dry function, the Bano Turnable Toilet is a complete solution, eliminating the need for additional aids such as toilets risers, WC levers, etc.

The toilet can turn 290 degrees and has an height adjustment of 200 mm.  A version with longer support handles is also available, with a a greater distance between the handles. 

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Width incl. handles

640 mm

Height top edge seat

450 mm

Turning dia. (handles up)

Ø 805 mm

Turning dia. (handles down)

Ø 850 mm

Max. load

500 kg

Max. lifting capacity

300 kg

Max. load each handle

250 kg

Turnable toilet

The toilet seat can easily be rotated using a trigger mechanism integrated in the support handles. The bars can be lowered and raised  independently of each other. The back rest and toilet seat cover can easily be removed for cleaning.

Turning toilet module

Mobility-impaired users will be dependent on raising or lower the toilet, so that their legs are in contact with the floor and they can rotate the seat themselves safely. The toilet can be lowered and raised by 200 mm, and has a lifting capacity of 300 kg. The electrical height adjustment function is easily operated from an integrated panel in both support handles or directly on the cistern. The control system for the height adjustment is integrated into the wall module. The module is flexible enough to be installed in existing bathrooms in which floor-mounted or wall-mounted toilets were previously installed.

Wash and dry function

The wash and dry function enables an even more comfortable and independent use of the toilet. It can easily be activated by the integrated panel in both support handles of the toilet, which starts the cleaning cycle with a gentle stream of warm water followed by the air dryer that dries at a comfortable temperature. The Water pressure as well as temperature are individually adjustable. A sensor in the cistern ensures that the function can only be released when a person is detected on the toilet.


Bano Turnable Toilet is made from robust materials that can withstand considerable loads and wear-&-tear. Innovative solutions provide optimum functionality and comfort. The porcelain toilet bowl is designed to be easy to clean.

All surfaces are made from innovative composite materials. This improves user comfort and provides a surface that adapts to the user´s body temperature. The toilet seat is designed with comfort and hygiene in mind.

The cistern is made from anti-corrosion steel with a vacuum-moulded composite cover.

Bano in pink on Bano Turnable Toilet
Old lady on toilet turning towards sink