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Bano Side Cabinet

The Bano Side Cabinet features a solid design for a vertical attachment. It is built using impregnated laminate, making it very durable in moist conditions. The cabinet offers a practical storage for bathroom items.  It can be delivered in a variety of colors.

SKU: 800472
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325 mm


170 mm


650 mm


1 Door

Bano bathroom cabinets

The Bano bathroom cabinets incorporate a variety of carefully thought-through elements. They are built using impregnated laminate, making them very durable in moist conditions. The high cabinets have a solid construction and are designed to complement the placement alongside the Bano washbasin. Support handles can be attached directly to the cabinet side. Both cabinets and support handles are specially engineered to withstand a load of 400 kg, enabling the user to safely support themselves when navigating wet and slippery surfaces.

The support handles give a two-place grip when standing at the washbasin – vertical grip on the cabinet, horizontal grip on the washbasin.

The high cabinet also features the possibility of built-in electrical sockets positioned inside the cabinet, well-protected from water splashes and humidity. The height placement of the outlet also ensures excellent accessibility for wheelchair users. The lower part of the cabinet features a pull-out wire basket instead of a side hinged door. This makes access and overview easy for both sitting and standing users. Bano high cabinets come with soft-closing drawers and cabinet doors.

Bano bathroom cabinets are moisture-resistant and can be delivered in a variety of designs, colors, and materials.