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Bano Grab Bar L-Shape

The L-shaped Bano Grab Bar is available angled to the left or to the right, which makes it very versatile to place in the bathroom. The antibacterial puro-coat enables a hygienic cleaning and provides an optimal grip. All grab bars come with the same colour, surface, diameter, and distance to the wall. This makes them easy to recognize and intuitive for the user.

SKU: 800282
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810 mm


810 mm


Ø 32 mm

Distance to wall

40 mm

Max. load

400 kg

Bano Grab Bars

Bathrooms often lack adequate grip options, posing risks to users. Insecure fixtures, like sinks lacking gripping points, weak shower bars, and slippery floors, amplify the risks associated with bathroom visits. Numerous accidents for users, and strain injuries among caregivers, occur in this space. The Bano grab bars and support handles are designed to address this issue by offering users secure and solid grips throughout the bathroom, ensuring safety from the moment they enter. Users should navigate between the different zones with ease, always having a reliable grip available. This also reduces the burden on caregivers as users can use grab bars to support themselves and pull themselves up.

All our grab bars are capable of withstanding a load of up to 400kg.